World Sushi Camp in Bahrain

by BTM

Tue, 02 January 2018

World Sushi Camp in Bahrain

Chef Pepi will wow guests at The Gulf Hotel Bahrain’s award-winning Japanese restaurant, Sato, from January 22-26. Originally from Macedonia, but now based in Denmark, Chef Pepi has received many awards and is the winner of the prestigious World Sushi Cup 2013 in Tokyo. He studied classic Japanese sushi education in Chiba, Japan, and is accredited as a Sushi Head Chef by AJSA (All Japan Sushi Association) and the World Sushi Skills Institute. What he aims to bring to the table is a solid understanding of cultural differences, a strong track record of working cross-functionally and understanding of the whole value chain from raw product to the customer’s plate.

Call 17 713-000.