The Future of Quality Healthcare | Dr George Cheriyan

by Behnaz Sanjana

Wed, 04 April 2018

The Future of Quality Healthcare | Dr George Cheriyan

Dr George Cheriyan tells Behnaz Sanjana that islanders can now access American Mission Hospital’s excellent medical care in Riffa.

American Mission Hospital (AMH) has recently opened the doors of its brand-new branch to welcome the residents of Riffa and its neighbouring suburbs. “It has taken us a year to conceive, plan and construct this new facility,” says Dr Cheriyan, AMH’s chief executive officer and chief medical officer. “We are very proud of how our vision for a new high-end facility has become a reality.”

The hospital’s headquarters in Manama has been an iconic institution for over a century, providing the best medical care to residents. “With Bahrain progressing and its population steadily increasing, communities have moved out of Manama to places like Riffa, Hamad Town and Saar,” says Dr Cheriyan. “Patients find it difficult to access the central district, as it has also become quite congested. Ninety per cent of healthcare needs of AMH’s patients are primary – for common niggles and illnesses. Our strategy is in line with modern medical trends, which dictate that the future of healthcare is moving away from large hospitals, and providing ambulatory care services close to where people live, with all the essential amenities that walk-in patients might require.”

AMH’s first satellite clinic was opened in Saar in 2000 (which has now been converted to a new purpose-built clinic to keep up with rising demand), and another in Amwaj Islands in 2014.  “Continuing our journey of expansion, we looked at Riffa as one of our newer bases, as we had a lot of its residents expressing their desire to have a branch closer to home,” says Dr Cheriyan. 

The newly opened centre in Riffa is 3,500sq/m in size and is unique in the sense that a significant portion of the clinic is dedicated to wellness. “Our wellness centre has a large physiotherapy section and the largest hydrotherapy pool in Bahrain,” he explains. “This provision is particularly suited to the elderly, those who have undergone surgeries, or need cardio- or neuro-rehabilitation.” 

A special sports medicine unit, with renowned medical consultants from abroad, is also on the premises. Radiology, paediatrics, gynaecology and emergency units, as well as a pharmacy, are all part of the ambulatory care facility. There are separate adults’ and children’s urgent care units, and also other sub-specalities ranging from orthopaedics, eye care, ENT, dentistry and general practice, making this a one-stop hub of quality care. 
“This unique facility is aesthetically beautiful, and very well organised in terms of patient flow, and will be a great boon for Riffa’s residents,” adds Dr Cheriyan. “It will have a mix of AMH’s existing doctors and nurses, and new staff.” 

He explains that the new branch has the same caring expertise and not-for-profit ideologies that have been upheld by AMH ever since its inception, saying: “Regardless of where and how high-end the centre is, the charges are the same for patients across all branches. The institution’s ethos and values will never change, and the community outreach programmes from each of the branches will specifically serve the sections of society where they are located.”

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