A Magnetic Personality

by BTM

Wed, 03 January 2018

A Magnetic Personality

A professional boxer and martial arts instructor in his youth, Madan Perattur started off in the hospitality industry with the Dadabhai group of hotels. “In 1999, Wrangler was a restaurant that could seat 60 people, and under my watch it evolved into Bahrain’s first hip-hop and R&B club,” says Madan. “Today, the country has a big hip-hop fan base, and my company, Miami Events Bahrain, organises such events to cater to this crowd.”

Being in the entertainment business is his passion, allowing him to be creative and have fun. He says: “I love what I do. It’s all about giving people an atmosphere in which they can have a great time after some hard work. It’s challenging to keep up with the ever-changing nightlife trends, but it’s something that keeps me active and on my feet. I enjoy working with my team, who are more of a family to me.”

Remya Management, a hospitality management firm jointly owned by Madan and Shaa, looks after the operations at popular venues, including Coral Bay Resort, JJ’s Irish Restaurant, Torino Restaurant and Lounge, and Yard House at Diva Hotel in Juffair. “At Coral Bay we oversee the smooth functioning of the C Hotel, Rayes Restaurant, LaTaverna, Fish Mania, the pool and beach areas as well as the gyms and spas for men and women,” he explains.

The venue has hosted top international artists such as Serani, Kriss Darlin, Sean Kingston, Carabao Rock Band and DJ Epps. Grammy-nominated Jamaican reggae fusion singer Wayne Wonder, and G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid have also graced the resort’s stage. 

Madan co-owns Miami Events Bahrain, an establishment that brings never-before-seen events to the island. “We aim to bring nothing but the best in entertainment to promote tourism in Bahrain and also boost certain sectors of the economy. Our concerts attract crowds from all over the GCC. We are constantly trying to raise the bar higher with every event we do,” he says.

Madan has new plans for the coming days. “People will be pleasantly surprised when all is revealed. To begin with, we are excited to be celebrating the birth anniversary of music legend Bob Marley at Coral Bay with his son Ky-Mani Marley in February,” he reveals.

Building lasting relationships with his clients is at the core of Madan’s work philosophy. “I try to be their friend first before being an entrepreneur, and, as a result, we have a big fan base that looks forward to coming to our venues. A personal touch is key in our business, and I ensure that my team members understand this concept and practise it in their day-to-day work,” he says. Listening to customer feedback night after night is another top priority. “We do our best to deliver what customers ask for. People appreciate our care and going the extra mile for clients results in my outlets always being packed with people.”

Having a ‘can do’ attitude is probably the main ingredient to the recipe of his success. He believes: “When you impregnate your subconscious with negative thoughts, you bring lack, limitation and frustrations into your life. To realise your desires and overcome your frustrations, affirm boldly several times a day. Those who are full of confidence and faith are born to succeed. But fears and doubts will not take you far.”

His time as a trained boxer has taught Madan to handle many life situations tactfully. “Honestly, challenges are what make my job interesting and exciting,” he says. He is a simple man who derives contentment from simple things. “Every day after we close our operations successfully, I consider it an achievement that we managed to make our guests happy with a great night, in spite of the issues that may have arisen. As long as my team and guests are smiling, I’ll be smiling too.”