A Taste of Passion

by BTM

Tue, 18 December 2018

A Taste of Passion

Better known as a bartender, chef, promoter and DJ, Alex Montana is introducing a new concept – an evening of homestyle food, cooked with his own hands, at Torino in Adliya. He told BTM what’s prompted this culinary ambition.

When did you first get started in the kitchen?
Well, I start being in the kitchen in 1999, 19 years ago. I never thought of having a job as a chef, but I have worked in Pizza Hut kitchen for almost six years as a cook.

What ignited your culinary passion?
I just loved cooking, since I was a little boy; most of the time with mum in the kitchen. I love everything regarding food. I’m very picky about food, and will never pay for a bad meal.

What are your favourite types of food to cook?
Well, basically, I cook everything, but my favourites are Arabic, Chinese and English. But I still can cook perfectly whatever is requested on the menu.

Can you mention some of the previous cooking events or establishments you have worked at?
I got an award for a perfect Valentine’s mix back in 2014 and I used to work in Mei n Yu Restaurant & Lounge in Amwaj Lagoon.

Have you done any professional kitchen courses or are you a self-taught chef?
Self-taught chef, and proud to say I have never failed at cooking anything. People just love the food that I always cook; they’re was always comparing my food with famous places, I always win!

What makes your dishes different from the average?
It’s not a job I’m doing. Cooking from the heart with granny’s recipes makes a huge difference; the passion, the soul and, especially, the way you keep your cooking clean.

I always wanted to have challenge with the master chef Gordon Ramsay, that’s how confident I am of myself.

Please tell us about the concept of your special culinary nights at Torino?
Here is the concept, I’m going to cook certain foods, like a three-course set options menu, where people can choose what they want and try it out. I believe the big group table idea will do the best because diners can order everything on the menu and share it. I will do it once every month with different menus, then people’s most-wanted items will be added to the menu in future.

There will also be a grape pairing, which will be explained to the guests.

What can guests expect from these events?
Quality food, quality wine and quality friends.

Where did the idea come from?
It’s my Idea, I’m aware of something called grape tasting, where people don’t remember leaving the place, and it’s too commercial. There are no specialities or an actual chef coming out to see how diners are doing.

You don’t want to go to a fancy place for a fancy plate and ‘hmmm it’s nice’. However, I love food and care about it.

How long will you continue the events, is it a limited run or will it be monthly?
For now, it’s going to be once a month until further notice, with the next one taking place on 27th January.

Anything else you would like to add?
I would say to all chefs out there, with respect, improve yourselves and come out to your guests and make sure they are happy with your food.

It’s very important to your name and your restaurant.

For table bookings or more information please call Alex 39 276-249.