A Visionary Entrepreneur

by BTM

Wed, 07 February 2024

Isa Haji Kulsha

In the bustling landscape of Bahrain’s logistics industry, one name stands out for its innovation, adaptability and commitment to excellence – Kulsha. Behind this success story is business prodigy Isa Haji, a young entrepreneur whose vision and determination have propelled Kulsha to remarkable heights. In this interview with Bahrain This Month, he shares his insights into his journey, the evolution of Kulsha and plans for the future.

Mr. Haji’s career trajectory began with a blend of education and entrepreneurial spirit. He completed his GCSEs and A-levels at the British School of Bahrain and is currently pursuing a degree in electrical engineering in the UK.

It was his keen, youthful eye for business opportunities that led him to first develop a website selling trendy clothing targeted at Bahraini teens, leveraging his expertise in programming to create a distinctive online shopping experience.

As his acumen snowballed, he co-founded Kulsha during the Covid-19 pandemic. Recognising a gap in logistics services, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Mr. Haji set out to address this need. 

Initially conceived as an e-directory, the company swiftly adapted to meet changing customer needs, expanding its service offerings to provide comprehensive logistics solutions in a post-pandemic world.

“Kulsha has rapidly grown since its inception, and so we expanded our services to include logistics for larger enterprises as well,” Mr. Haji says. “This shift has allowed us to broaden our market reach and significantly grow our company, adapting to the diverse needs of different business sizes.”

In a competitive industry, Kulsha distinguishes itself in Bahrain’s logistics market by offering 24/7 services and unparalleled flexibility. “Our round-the-clock availability ensures that clients have constant access to logistics solutions, crucial for time-sensitive operations,” Mr. Haji believes. “Additionally, our adaptability in meeting unique client needs, from special handling to adapting to sudden changes, sets us apart, making Kulsha a preferred choice for responsive and efficient logistics support.”

Crucial to Kulsha’s operations is the integration of FinTech, facilitating instant settlements for vendors and providing valuable financial insights to help them identify and improve their operational weaknesses. This dual approach of prompt payments and actionable analytics, according to Mr. Haji, underlines a commitment to fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

Looking ahead, Mr. Haji has ambitious goals for Kulsha in 2024, including scaling the company’s growth and expanding operations into neighbouring countries to reach new customer segments and innovate. 

It is not always smooth sailing, however, even with a genius at the helm. “Navigating day-to-day challenges remains integral to running a successful enterprise,” Mr. Haji believes. “From managing personnel issues such as staff availability and upholding delivery punctuality, Kulsha’s success hinges on meticulous contingency planning and adaptability from our versatile team.

“Speaking of the team, we are dedicated to offering Bahrainis substantial employment opportunities, highlighted by competitive salaries and a range of benefits, fostering a supportive work environment and contributing positively to the local economy.” 

Despite initial scepticism due to his age, Mr. Haji’s leadership and strategic vision have silenced critics, paving the way for Kulsha’s success. Age is no barrier if innovation, effective leadership and success are achieved, he believes.

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