Being an Industry Leader

by BTM

Sun, 07 May 2023

Al-Ansari Group Chairman

With palatial chandeliers, contemporary lamps and everything in between, Al Ansari Lighting has been the prime choice in Bahrain’s lighting industry for over 50 years. Farah Baig speaks to Al-Ansari Group Chairman, Abduljalil A.K. Ahmed Al-Ansari, about the company’s success, its portfolio of UK brands and more.

Al Ansari Group has had a storied history of over 100 years having been established in the year 1904 when the late Abdul Karim Ahmed Al-Ansari established his family business with a small shop in the old town of Muharraq in Bahrain.

At the time, the business sold products ranging from groceries to hardware, laying a sound foundation for a business that was to grow and diversify. Al-Ansari Industries, formerly known as The Bahrain Bedding Factory, was set up with the know-how shared by the famous Silentnight Mattresses, UK – a company that was owned by Tom and Joan Clarke which started in 1946 as Clarke’s Mattresses Ltd. The group now trades in lighting fittings, accessories, switches, sockets, branded fashion goods (partner of Gucci in Bahrain), and has a significant presence in the real estate sector.

In 1970, Al-Ansari Lighting Company was established in Bahrain. “We consider ourselves the pioneer in the lighting field, having served the local market, GCC and beyond for over 50 years.  It has always been our objective to not only be the undisputed leader in the field of lighting, but also to establish an unmatched reputation for reliability and friendly service,” explains Al-Ansari Group Chairman, Abduljalil A.K. Ahmed Al-Ansari. 

Today, Al-Ansari Lighting Company offers several outstanding products with innovative designs from renowned brands. This includes German brands - Bega, Glashutte Limburg and Staff Zumtobel, Italian brands - Targetti Spa, Duralamp and Surya Srl, and UK brands - R.Hamilton Ltd., IBL, ACDC, Orbik and Chelsom Lighting. 

Al Ansari Group is a long-time member of the Bahrain British Business Forum and also partakes in activities at the British Club. “We first established an agreement to distribute British products in Bahrain in 1964 following the signing of an agreement in Cardiff, Wales. British products are known for their durability and reliability, and meet required safety standards. Furthermore, these products are interesting to our customers in terms of latest designs and colours, and are always upgraded to suit market requirements,” he says. 

“McIntosh Furniture located in Kirkcaldy, Scotland was another collaborative company which was famous for its teak dining and living room furniture designed by Tom Robertson in 1970. The company always used the best Scottish craftsmanship to create beautiful designs,” he adds. 

Al-Ansari Group Chairman, Abduljalil A.K. Ahmed Al-AnsariThis was in addition to Stanley Wire Ltd., a Yorkshire-based company specialising in the manufacture of all forms of bright and black annealed wire. “They used the highest quality steel, which was manufactured into a flawless, high-quality wire product which we then used at our local mattress factory in Bahrain,” he explains. “Last but not the least, we collaborated with Mikel Carpet Factory in Edinburgh, Scotland.”

Notably, Al-Ansari Lighting Company has signed agreements to handle major projects for the Royal Court, palaces, mosques, hotels and private villas too. The company has undeniably grown to be renowned for importing top-quality products that are capable of bringing clients’ designs to life.

 “The quality of our products, aftersales support and service, and representation of brands as their local agent has led Al-Ansari Lighting Company to be a leader in the industry. We have a fully dedicated team which is committed to serve our clientele, and will always ensure to go the extra mile to make our customers happy,” he concludes.

Al-Ansari Group Chairman, Abduljalil A.K. Ahmed Al-Ansari (centre), with Richard Bird (left) and Keith Evans (right) of Evans Contract Furnishers Ltd., in Wales, UK.