Building Sustainability

by BTM

Wed, 01 November 2023

Alan Sieno

The Kadi Group is one of the Bahrain’s leading real estate companies, with a portfolio of properties serving the needs of residents since 1985. We sat down with Kadi’s marketing manager, Alan Sieno, to find out more about its history and plans for the future, including the Kingdom’s first eco tower.

What got you into the real estate business and what do you love most about it?
Helping people find their homes can be an incredibly rewarding experience. As a real estate professional, we play a vital role in guiding individuals and families through the process of finding a place they can call home.

You start by understanding your clients’ needs, preferences and budget. By listening attentively, you can gain valuable insights into their desired location, property features and lifestyle requirements. Armed with this information, you then embark on a journey to create suitable homes and present them with a curated selection that matches their criteria.

Ultimately, the real estate profession allows you to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, turning their dreams into reality and helping them embark on a new chapter filled with hope, comfort and a sense of belonging. 

What are your thoughts on the current state of the real estate market in Bahrain?
Bahrain’s real estate market has shown steady growth due to its strategic location, business-friendly environment and government initiatives. It offers diverse residential and commercial properties, meeting the needs of various market segments. Demand remains strong, particularly in urban and expatriate communities. Bahrain has also implemented initiatives to attract foreign investment, stimulating the market and driving growth in sectors like finance, technology and tourism.

What are the biggest challenges that you see the real estate market in Bahrain facing in the coming years?

Common challenges in Bahrain’s real estate market include:

1. Economic fluctuations impact demand and property values.

2. Supply and demand imbalances affect prices and selling/leasing periods.

3. Financing availability and mortgage conditions influence buyers’ purchasing power.

4. Global and regional economic factors impact market stability.

Can you tell us about the Kadi Eco tower project?
Burj Kadi Eco is Bahrain’s first eco-friendly residential building. Sustainability and environmental consciousness drive every aspect of our project. We prioritise simplicity in design and offer a range of state-of-the-art facilities. Be it our energy-efficient systems or eco-friendly materials, we seamlessly blend luxury with a reduced ecological footprint.

Burj Kadi Eco goes beyond expectations, providing unique amenities to cater to diverse interests. We are proud to introduce the country’s first dedicated gym for children aged 10 to 15, alongside a Padel court, basketball court, cinema and bowling alley. Our residents enjoy a lifestyle that harmonises sustainability and leisure. By embracing cutting-edge green technology, Burj Kadi Eco will set new standards for eco-conscious living. 

How do you plan to position Kadi group as a leader in the Bahrain’s real estate market?
To position Kadi Group as a leader in Bahrain’s real estate market, we abide by the following criteria:

1. Prioritise exceptional customer service, building solid relationships and offering personalised solutions.

2. Demonstrate deep expertise and knowledge through market insights and comprehensive research.

3. Develop a diverse property portfolio to cater to various buyer and renter needs.

4. Embrace innovative technology for enhanced customer experiences and streamlined operations.

5. Show commitment to social responsibility and sustainability, appealing to environmentally conscious clients.