Creating Extraordinary Experiences

by BTM

Wed, 08 March 2023

Creating Extraordinary Experiences

Imagine being immersed in a truly memorable experience that is tailormade just for you. Paid actors, props, and bizarre, yet happy coincidences, coming together to give you the surprise of a lifetime. That’s exactly what the bespoke event agency, Cabale Exquise, offers.  We speak to the visionary entrepreneur behind the concept, Adélaïde De Vos.

Cabale Exquise is not an ordinary event agency; our events are meant to be unfathomable.  As far as we know, the concept does not exist anywhere else,” says Adélaïde De Vos, a 33-year-old Belgian woman.

Adélaïde is a qualified business engineer who graduated from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management in 2014. After working in the private sector for five years, she quit her job to explore the world for six months before wanting to start her own business. “For months, I did a deep introspection that led to ‘the light-bulb moment’. I was convinced I had found the project of my life - Cabale Exquise,” she reminisces.

The cabale planned by the agency is intended to inspire emotions of the highest intensity, and can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. “Our clients are people who want to do an extraordinary thing for their loved ones as opposed to mundane things seen a thousand times. They want to create a lasting impression for a special occasion or convey a message, and may not have the time or creativity to put a huge experience together. That’s where we come in,” she explains. 

The unsuspecting recipient of the cabale will experience small, weird incidents followed by scenarios that are increasingly inconceivable - much like in a movie. “This all culminates with the final act during which the ultimate message such as ‘Happy birthday’, ‘I love you’ or ‘Will you marry me?’ will be revealed. Each experience is unique and 100 percent bespoke,” she explains.

These immersions are inspired by the life, passions, childhood and dreams of the person receiving the cabale – for which the execution requires months of preparation. “Our screenwriters are inspired by the information passed on by our accomplice. The creation then involves many people including screenwriters, a casting director, graphic and costume designers, set designers, a tracking team, a logistics team and videographers!”

The service has been sought-after by doting husbands and wives, children expressing their love for their parents, companies bidding adieu to retiring employees, and those wishing to propose. “The occasion is yours, and as long as there is a message to convey, we can create an extraordinary experience,” she says.

The concept was officially launched in Brussels, Belgium in 2022. “My plan is to now expand outside Europe. I have family in Bahrain and am sure the concept will be very exciting there. We can offer the service now, but people must remember that creating the cabale requires a minimum of three months,” she says.

“I love seeing women raise their voices through entrepreneurship. I strongly believe in the ability of women to do extraordinary things. For me, the best reward through Cabale Exquise has been seeing people crying with joy. It’s such a tsunami of kindness, love and positive emotions that, every time, I feel so grateful to be able to bring that into peoples’ lives and live these emotions myself,” she concludes.

For more information, visit and enter the code EMOTIONS. Alternatively, you can follow @cabaleexquise on Instagram or email [email protected]