Cutting Through to Success

by BTM

Thu, 03 February 2022

cutwatr Cutting Through to Success

Technology solutions provider, Cutwatr, has an array of tailor-made answers to digitally optimise operations for businesses to reach their ultimate goals.

The way business is carried out the world over has changed. Humanity has come a long way from relying on manual formats to fully-fledged digitisation to drive trade and commerce. This change has further been accelerated in recent times, as the need for doing business on digital platforms has never been more evident than in the past two years. 

But in the era of intelligent innovation and digital disruption, how can a business choose the right technology stack to get past the hurdles on its path to success and growth? Here is where Cutwatr can help you navigate the sea of new innovation and complex business challenges with smart solutions that are specifically tailor-made for your business. 

Established in 2012 in the UAE, Cutwatr quickly gained recognition for its fresh take on providing ground-breaking and agile solutions for renowned businesses to fast-track their growth. This led to the young organisation’s footprint to expand to the fast-paced markets of the US, India, the Middle East; through Bahrain, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. 

Cutwatr prides itself for providing the best and most suitable business solutions that address and resolve customer pain points in the arenas of Trade Finance Automation, Artificial Intelligence solutions and Software Engineering services that include software development, application support, robotic process automation (RPA), quality assurance, cyber security, digital experience and technology consulting amongst others. 

With renowned business conglomerates the world over in its portfolio, Cutwatr strives to ensure high-quality services that continue to uphold its reputation as a credible and reliable business partner. This is mainly because the company delivers excellent solutions, services and products in-house, without relying on third-party outsourcing.

Today, Cutwatr is one of the few ISO Certified technology companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It has created a competitive edge for itself, due to its approach of seeing its clients with a personalized lens that provides agile, flexible solutions to fully meet their needs. This is enabled by Cutwatr’s skilled and specialised teams that provide thought leadership and guidance while overseeing mission-critical technology projects. This expertise does not only entail key insights and practical recommendations, but also enables rapid transformation to meet the ultimate goal. With a global footprint, Cutwatr has the ability to collaborate, communicate, and respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of its clientele, all the while seamlessly executing tasks with honesty, hard work and technical superiority.

The company has made a mark in industries like Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Hospitality and Logistics, all of which are in the midst of a digital revolution. Cutwatr has helped organisations to reach their potential and achieve accelerated growth by hand-holding them on the path to digitisation, thereby enhancing end-user experience, reducing costs and increasing profitability. 

Cutwatr is dedicated to empower today’s organisations by harnessing the best of innovative solutions and digital technology to be a frontrunner in their respective fields. When businesses opt for partnering with Cutwatr, they witness the company’s tagline in action: ‘Complete and Most Appropriate Technology Solutions’. 


In a rapidly evolving digital world, businesses face unique and complex challenges each day. At Cutwatr, we integrate strategy, design and technology, along with strong commitment to work ethics, and enable organizations to face the future with conviction.” - Amit Kansal, Chief Executive