Distinctly Different

by BTM

Sun, 03 December 2017

Distinctly Different

Akshay Bajaj, chief operating officer of Mukta A2 Cinemas, has made professional strides in the world of cinema ever since completing his formal education. After majoring in marketing at Philadelphia’s Temple University, he joined a leading multiplex chain in India. He says: “Growing out of that stint, I went into the family business of film production, during which time I moved to London to learn the ropes of the industry and worked as a line producer for three years.”

Moving on, his next big career move was in 2012, managing a robust portfolio for Mukta A2 Cinemas. “Having worked in property acquisitions and project fit outs, as well as being actively involved in developing marketing, online ticketing and branding assets, I got the opportunity to set up our branch in Bahrain in 2015,” he says. “I have been involved with our property here since the first brick was laid.”

He says that the success that the cineplex has garnered under his watch has been overwhelming, adding: “We have built a solid customer base, which is growing each month. Our clientele spans locals, expats from different nations, as well as visitors from Saudi Arabia.”

The company has struck a chord with the populace for its unique atmosphere. The plush ambience strikes patrons with a sense of red-carpet excitement, a prelude to being wowed by the latest high-tech picture and sound system.

Having gained loyal clientele, the company now looks to add value to the customer experience, which is its core unique selling point.  “At the end of the day, all multiplexes play the same movies. But our high service standards, quality of concessionaires and state-of-the-art technology distinguish us from other players in the market,” he says. “Besides this, facilities like on-seat service, our central location and ease of access, all come together to make us what we are.”

Talking about future plans, he says that the organisation is looking to expand within the island as well as the GCC, specifically Kuwait and the UAE. “We are very happy to have chosen Bahrain to set up our first property abroad,” he adds. “The country is very welcoming to foreign investors and we are thankful for the guidance and support that we have received from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and the Economic Development Board of Bahrain in our initial days.”

Not one to rest on his laurels, he says: “We keep on adding to the overall cinematic experience and strive to continuously improve our service standards. We are at the brink of announcing our biggest offer to date, which will be rolled out around National Day. There are also some events that will draw in the crowds in early January of next year.

“Apart from rolling out our own mobile application, we have also partnered with a new geo-location-based mobile application, which will launch soon, and will be a first for Bahrain. Also, our tie-up with Sadad makes us the only brand to have 750 box office locations. You could be at a petrol station or a cold store anywhere in Bahrain, and decide to catch the latest film. Just choose your flick and book your preferred seats through the Sadad kiosk and walk in to the venue without the hassle of braving the queues.”

With the many victories that Mukta A2 Cinemas has celebrated, Akshay’s love affair with the trade continues to grow. “I have always found the business of films intriguing,” he says. “I find it easiest to function in this space; but what is most important to me is to have a challenge each morning I wake up, whether it be within my comfort zone, or outside of it.”

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