Fostering a Premium Experience

by BTM

Wed, 06 December 2023

Ayachi Jomaa

For decades, Alosra Supermarket has been synonymous with excellence in the realm of premium grocery shopping in Bahrain. Propelling the brand is Alosra’s Director, Ayachi Jomaa, who enlightens Bahrain This Month on the key factors that have led to the supermarket chain’s success.

Alosra’s Director, Ayachi Jomaa, has a wealth of experience in the retail field having grown from a supervisory position on the shop floor to Regional Manager of a well-established chain in the GCC. “I have always been dedicated to serving in supermarkets, and through my involvement across several key departments in retail, I have acquired an array of skillsets,” says Mr. Jomaa. 

Given the competitive nature of the market, connecting with the consumer is essential – something that Alosra has perfected over the years. “Alosra is unique in its approach, since we value our customers above everything. By actively engaging with customer feedback, fostering community ties, and maintaining a visually appealing store environment, we aim to provide a unique and enjoyable shopping experience that sets us apart in the premium supermarket sector,” he explains. 

“To ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, we prioritise high quality products, invest in customer service training, focus on our loyalty programme Alosra Circle, and stay abreast of technological innovations,” he adds. 

In the event of a customer complaint, Mr. Jomaa states that his approach is clear. “Always listen and allow the customer to express their opinion. I find it always best to see the shopping experience from a customer’s perspective. Our dedicated staff are trained and work hard to cater to our diverse customers’ needs. We also do regular customer satisfaction surveys, to improve ourselves and build on our valued shoppers’ feedback,” he says.

Keeping up with the latest market trends, the chain stays connected with regional and global events in the retail sector while observing direct and indirect competitors and exploring their successful endeavours. 

With sustainability at the forefront of corporate responsibility in recent years, Alosra Supermarket has incorporated several practices to minimise waste. “To manage all parts of inventory management, we regularly conduct comprehensive audits and analysis to help us identify slow-moving items and prevent overstocking and wastage. In addition, we strive to have alternative waste strategies like recycling our packaging and plastic waste,” he states. 

“In my previous experience we learned always to do more with less, nonetheless with Alosra it is a different model,” he says on cost-effective strategies. “At Alosra, we prioritise on providing a unique and exceptional shopping experience that requires more focus on many levels; human and assets. Human meaning quality trained experience employees in their field. When it comes to assets, for sure we should have the latest and most efficient technology and information systems and equipment.”

Finally, with several branches spread across the island, Alosra Supermarket’s team has been a crucial element in its success. Mr. Jomaa shares his approach to motivating and leading a large team of employees in a supermarket setting: “To foster an environment for employees to have an engaged and involved perspective of their operations, and by acknowledging and rewarding outstanding performance through recognition programs and incentives to inspire a culture of excellence.”