Hospitality Enthusiast

by BTM

Sun, 30 July 2017

Seasoned hotelier and group general manager (GGM) of Atiram Hotels in Bahrain, Ved Prakash credits his professional success to his passion for the industry. Having had a humble start at Sofitel New Delhi, this Indian national has successfully made his way up the corporate ladder.

“I started with a three-year diploma in hotel management from Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition in Pusa, New Delhi. Ironically, I had little interest in it in the beginning,” says Ved.

“After graduating, I joined Sofitel New Delhi as a senior steward and went on to become assistant manager for food and beverages. I then moved to Park Hotel Delhi as banqueting manager. This was the time I fell in love with it all – and the affair has continued for more than 30 years now.

“I learnt everything about the Indian hotel industry – how to manage coffee shops, room service and fine dining restaurants before coming to Bahrain in 1989. I started as food and beverage manager here when the hotel industry was still very small,” he adds.

“I worked with Ramada Hotel and Best Western as general manager before joining Atiram Hotels to take on this role.”

He coordinates with all his properties from his office at Atiram Premier, where he is responsible for all operations.

“I begin my rounds first thing in the morning, starting with the breakfast area, where I talk to guests and make sure they are happy,” he explains. “I then proceed with the head of department meetings around 11am to discuss matters of daily operations, banqueting, sales reports and more. 

“I take a break in between and come back to the hotel around 9.30pm. This is when I have to make sure everything goes smoothly with the duty and night managers at our three eminent, upmarket venues – Coda Jazz Lounge, Wembley and Cavallo.”

Talking about the most rewarding aspect of his job, he says: “This sector has a multitude of opportunities for growth. Also, it is very fulfilling to know that we are able to make others happy by serving them.”

Ved believes that the most challenging part is to be able to ensure the smooth functioning of all his properties.

“Each establishment has diverse dining and entertainment outlets, so it can be tricky,” he says. “I also do my best to keep the staff satisfied, as they are the lifeblood of any institution.” 

He urges aspiring hospitality enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the field, and says: “You have to be ready to do everything, and love your job. I may be the GGM for my subordinates, but for my guests, I am a staff member – and I am always ready to serve them. You need to be humble, and have the motto of service embedded in your blood.”

On the occasion of Indian Independence Day, Ved shows his appreciation to India’s leaders and the diaspora in Bahrain, saying: “I really appreciate what our prime minister Narendra Modi is doing for the betterment of the country. I would also like to extend my gratitude and felicitations to the ambassador of India, HE Alok Kumar Sinha, and Indians in Bahrain and all over the world.”