Kia MEA Announces the Official Launch of Kia K3

by BTM

Tue, 05 March 2024

Kia MEA Announces the Official Launch of Kia K3

Kia Middle East and Africa has announced the official launch of the all-new Kia K3 during an event in Jeddah. Following its recent debut at the Riyadh Motor Show 2023, this innovative sedan is set to address the evolving needs of customers in emerging markets across the MEA region.

With the K3, Kia has tapped into the demands of buyers within the sedan C segment and fleet companies seeking all-rounded functional vehicles that deliver on tech, and design and safety. The K3 is also equipped with safety features, providing front and rear end protection. 

Head of Kia Next Design Europe, Chief Designer, Hongseok Choi comments: “The all-new K3’s striking exteriors harmonize with meticulously designed interiors featuring a central resolution touchscreen and two-zone touch climate control, setting a benchmark for comfort and connectivity.”

The car’s interiors ensure advanced connectivity and utmost passenger comfort with its central resolution touchscreen, two-zone touch climate control, rear air vents, among other features. Its exteriors play on a bold and futuristic appearance that maintains a high-tech character for adopting bold lines and shapes, while maintaining the traditional tiger nose grille.