Going the Distance

by BTM

Sat, 02 October 2021

Makram Raad, Country Manager of DHL Express

Makram Raad, Country Manager of DHL Express tells us about the world-leading express and logistics company’s presence in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

As an international courier, package delivery and express mail service, DHL needs no introduction to the vast majority of people. The company has had a presence in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 1976 and has steadily grown through the leadership and strength of its employees. Having first arrived in Bahrain in 2019, DHL Express’ new Country Manager, Makram Raad, is prepared to take the company even further in his leadership role.

The Lebanese national has lived in the GCC and been with DHL for nearly 10 years, working in multiple roles and capacities. “As the new Country Manager, my main priority is to further promote the Kingdom’s trade ecosystem and continue to add value to its competitive offering, attracting investments while contributing to the community’s economic wellbeing,” says Mr. Raad, who holds an MBA with a focus on Finance from Notre Dame University.

“I am happy to be taking on this new role in Bahrain and look forward to growing the business and capitalising on the opportunities that the Kingdom has to offer,” he adds.

Competition in the logistics and courier service is fierce so a competitive edge is a must. “We have a strategic advantage as a result of our deep understanding of market dynamics which gives us an edge in the industry,” explains Mr. Raad. “However, I would have to say that our biggest strength is our people. It is through our employees that we deliver quality service and that has guaranteed us continuous progress and improvement.”

Globally, and in the region, the company has continued to make sound investments. “What sets any service apart is being able to adapt to the constant changes in customer behaviour and requirements. We continuously invest in our aviation fleet, facilities and ground operations to support the growth of our partners and provide them with top notch service,” he says.

“DHL is the most international company in the world and employs certified international specialists from across all continents. Our diversity is a key driver of our success and enriches our skill sets and expertise,” he adds. 

Speaking of the company’s approach to tackling the pandemic in 2020, he highlights the achievements across 220 countries and territories which DHL operates in: “Amid a pandemic that took the world by storm, we managed to truly deliver purpose by connecting people. With healthcare needs being top priority, we delivered on our promise to serve this sector by shipping tons of personal protective equipment and later on billions of vaccines.”

“Our processes, capabilities and people were put under tremendous strain but I am proud to say that we have come out stronger than before,” he adds.

Some of the many changes to the company’s processes were the introduction of contactless signatures, and the adoption of additional safety measures to protect customers and front liners. “While we are still not out of the pandemic, we continue working hard to support the community during this time,” he says.

Aside from the need for medical supplies, consumer demands surges as the Work-From-Home culture took hold during the pandemic. “It was up to DHL Express and other industry providers to fulfil these logistical needs. We capitalised on our expertise and local know-how to optimise our courier routes and achieve the promised transit times,” he explains.

As explained by Mr. Raad. the economy is forecasted to expand by 3.1% based on latest experts reports with many sectors bouncing back after a rough year, particularly in energy and retail. “The market presents major opportunities and with a new airport there are ambitious growth targets for cargo handling. Our aim remains to promote the Kingdom and to facilitate its trade agenda,’ he concludes.