Marriott Executive Apartments - New Foodie Destination

by BTM

Wed, 16 October 2019

We quizzed GM Hossein Garan about the new venue at Marriott Executive Apartments and got a sneak peek of what’s in store.

Does the new restaurant replace the existing eatery or is it an additional dining space?
Our upcoming restaurant will be our new all-day dining space, replacing Skywalk Cafe

What will it be called and how many guests will it accommodate?
It will be called Crossroads and there will be 100 seats indoors. I am also very happy to announce that we will finally have outdoor seating.

What is the theme or concept? 
The idea behind crossroads derives from its literal meaning – “at a point of change”. The restaurant will be a bright, modern and cosy rendezvous where guests can experience a wonderful change/uplift in their day – a more refreshing start to the day after breakfast, inspired working hours after a well-deserved lunch break with colleagues or a relaxing and indulgent dinner after a tough day at the office. Crossroads is delicious, fun, casual and urban.

What will it look like – is there a specific design element?
We have a modern approach to our design – fresh and yet still offering the warmth that you look for in a restaurant to make you want to stay longer and indulge. “Urban Natural” is the main theme. The use of materials and their combination are really important elements – marble, stone and natural oak wood are combined with coloured mirrors, bricks and bronze details create a place that is modern, warm and friendly at the same time.

As guests these days travel a lot across the world, we felt the restaurant should be contemporary with elements that are used worldwide making people from different countries feel familiar.

Also, the furniture is a main design element. There are mixed models and colours in different seating heights so areas are differentiated and guests have the opportunity to notice various elements of the space. 
We added plants to give some freshness to the interior. And, finally, the use of light, direct and indirect, decorative and architectural, gives the space a changing ambience throughout the day. 

Which cuisine styles do you intend to offer?
International dishes with an urban flare. We are also going to have a special treat for coffee lovers.

Where will the chefs be from?
Our chefs will hail from all around world. As part of the Marriott family, we always take pride in our nationality mix, this brings the kind of variety we want to offer our guests at Crossroads.

Will you be offering signature dishes and, if yes, what will they be?
I don’t want to ruin the surprise but we will have more than one signature dish, even for non-meat eaters.

Who are your target clientele and how will you attract them?
Juffair residents first and foremost. We want them to think of Crossroads as their neighbourhood restaurant. A fresh, modern and warm place they can have their favourite dishes on a lunch break, an indulgent dinner after work or a relaxing afternoon.

With the restaurant’s well-thought-out concept and the special touches my team and I have put together, I also hope guests from neighbouring towns will come visit us and experience Crossroads.

What will the price range be?
Our price will definitely be reasonable and the dishes that we’ll serve will be great value for money.

When is the opening due to take place?
We are targeting the last week of November.

Anything else you would like to add?
I just want to invite everyone to watch out for the launch of our upcoming new restaurant, Crossroads.