Pierre Makes His Mark

by BTM

Sun, 30 July 2017

Pierre Makes His Mark

Pierre Vasseur, the new general manager of Fraser Suites Seef, Bahrain, is a man driven by focus and determination. So, it’s no surprise that he is already coming up with ways to improve this landmark brand in the Kingdom.

“I very recently took over this new role, but I’ve been in Bahrain for more than three years so I think I know the market enough to be able to adapt very quickly,” he says. “I’m definitely enjoying my experience here, because it’s something different. I’ve worked mostly at resorts in the past so I’m still discovering things I didn’t know before and that’s always good.” 

During his stint as GM at one of Bahrain’s leading spa resort and waterparks, Pierre was well-known for his hands-on approach and impeccable attention to detail. “I’m still the same way and I think the staff has noticed this,” he laughs. “It’s not micromanagement but I’m very demanding and I still like to know everything that’s happening in my property. It’s the little touches that make the big difference.”

The past couple of years have been economically challenging for the Kingdom. However, this has resulted in a change in trends that seems to be working well for Fraser Suites. Pierre believes demand is shifting from generic five-star hotels. He says: “It’s becoming more about lifestyle, gold-standard serviced apartments because guests want to feel more at home and control their experience. And that’s certainly something we pride ourselves on here. Our guests appreciate the large space of our comfortable suites and the wide range of facilities and amenities we offer.”

Pierre says that his role as GM has evolved and he now focuses more on guest and employee experience than on greeting guests in the lobby.  “After working a few years for independent properties, I truly appreciate returning to a multiple award-winning international brand with such promising expansion plans,” he explains.

“We are frequently updating standards, and, the good thing is that Frasers Hospitality is always open to innovative and intuitive ideas, as we need to anticipate the expectations of the millennial generation. In this region, it’s not everyday that you see such owners who trust you to manage your property your own way – of course, as long as they are happy with the results. 

“We have 148 properties worldwide, spanning more than 80 capital cities, but it’s still like a big family; with a strong company culture, encouraging quality of life for its associates. There will be a GM gathering in November in Bangkok so I look forward to meeting my counterparts and sharing ideas and experiences with them.”

Fraser Suites Seef is directly connected to Seef Mall, one of the most family-friendly shopping and entertainment destinations in the Kingdom, and that is something Pierre is hoping to put to good use in the near future. He says: “I want to interact more with the mall’s activities. There is a large indoor theme park for kids, Magic Island, and no less than 370 outlets I think we could work with to offer our guests something special and memorable.” 

Meanwhile, Pierre also plans to expand the services currently offered. He explains: “We have several facilities here such as steam room, Jacuzzi, outdoor pool and gym, but we don’t currently offer treatments. In the future, I want to have three or four treatment rooms but there is no immediate rush because it’s all about finding the right therapists, ensuring the quality, and, of course, setting up the right atmosphere to create the best possible experience.”


Fraser Suites Seef, Bahrain