Reaching for the Summit

by BTM

Wed, 05 September 2018

Reaching for the Summit

In conversation with George F Middleton, Everest Trading’s newest member of the Board of Directors, Masood Jawad, discusses expansion and global outreach plans.

Since its inception in 1990, Everest Trading continues to be the market leader for washroom hygiene and sanitation materials, and cleaning chemical equipment in Bahrain. Founded by Mahdi and Gemma Jawad, Everest Trading welcomes new leadership by way of Masood Jawad, who is joining the Board of Directors. 
Under Mahdi Jawad, Everest Trading flourished – meeting all customer demands predominantly in the areas of hospitality, contract cleaning, healthcare and public institutions. As a one-stop solution provider with regard to these areas, the company has been continually developing its services for the customers. With almost 30 years of excellence in the country, Everest Trading is keen on expansion, now with Mahdi and Gemma’s son, Masood, holding the reins.

Masood began his university education in the field of international business in the UK and completed his degree in Bahrain. Having learned the ins and outs of his father’s business, he has many productive plans for Everest Trading. He says: “We, at Everest Trading, are constantly trying to improve and be the best we can be.” 
With the aim of global outreach in mind, Everest Trading recently entered into cooperation with INPACS Global Supply Solution, a company that offers a full range of cleaning and hygiene supplies, guest amenities, personal protective and medical equipment to customers. These added-value services ensure that INPACS’ global corporate customers have an assurance of the highest quality. 
According to Masood, small independent home-grown companies lack real force. “INPACS consolidates family-owned businesses around the world and gives them an opportunity to rise in the face of corporate giants,” he says. “One of the main advantages of this partnership is that once INPACS has a global contract with a hotel, for example, we [Everest Trading] will supply them with all their needs. This gives us a competitive advantage over other suppliers.” INPACS also forecasts and strategises to help the business grow. 
Everest Trading is optimistic about this affiliation being fruitful in a host of other areas as well, such as gaining access to various international brands, and becoming experts in the field through increased product knowledge and staff training.
Currently only serving the local market, the company’s long-term vision includes expansion in Saudi Arabia, which it deems will be a good location to develop. Everest Trading is the only professional distributor partnered with INPACS in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Masood is especially proud of this fact and hopes to continue his father’s legacy in leading Everest Trading to become the top brand in the Arabian world.