Being Ever Vigilant

by BTM

Tue, 04 June 2024

Being Ever Vigilant

Salman Hubail, a seasoned hotel security professional from Bahrain, has dedicated 28 years to ensuring the safety and security of guests and staff at The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa. He tells Kristian Harrison about his deep-seated passion for safeguarding others and his career path from security officer to the esteemed Director of Safety and Security. 

“Initially, I was drawn to a career in hotel security due to my passion for ensuring the safety and well-being of guests and staff,” Mr. Hubail reflects. Over the years, his responsibilities have grown significantly, now overseeing a dedicated team and implementing advanced security measures to maintain a safe environment. 

Working in security presents a number of unique challenges, and Mr. Hubail highlights that the most difficult one is the delicate balance between maintaining stringent security measures and fostering a welcoming atmosphere. “Ensuring safety and security in a hotel setting involves managing access control, monitoring public areas and safeguarding guest information,” he explains. “Hotels must navigate the fine line between creating a hospitable environment and enforcing security protocols, which includes staff training, emergency preparedness and advanced surveillance systems.” 

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Hubail faced numerous challenges. However, he and his well-prepared security team were able to navigate these obstacles successfully. His effective crisis management skills, developed through years of experience, enabled him to calmly and effectively guide the hotel through these challenges. His level-headed decision-making and ability to quickly mobilise the right resources allowed the hotel to emerge from each challenge stronger than before. 

Balancing security with guest comfort is a cornerstone of Mr. Hubail’s approach. “We ensure guests feel secure through clear communication, visible yet unobtrusive security presence and regular staff training. Additionally, creating a warm atmosphere with friendly interactions and comfortable amenities helps guests feel at ease,” he says.

After nearly three decades, he has undoubtedly witnessed significant advancements in hotel security technology and practices. Looking back at when he started compared to now, his insight proves enlightening. “Key developments include the integration of smart locks, enhanced surveillance systems with AI capabilities and the implementation of mobile key access. Cybersecurity is a huge part of the job now, just as much as the physical aspects,” he explains. 

Of course, the team never stops working to stay ahead of potential security threats, Mr. Hubail and his team implement a range of proactive measures. These include 24/7 surveillance, regular security audits, comprehensive staff training programmes and collaboration with local law enforcement. Advanced technology also plays a crucial role in their strategy, mostly for access control and emergency response protocols. 

For aspiring security professionals in the hospitality industry, Mr. Hubail offers valuable advice. “Stay vigilant; always be aware of your surroundings and potential threats. Balance security duties with excellent customer service, keep up with the latest security technologies and protocols, and work closely with other departments to ensure overall safety and regularly participate in drills and update emergency plans,” he advises. 

Mr. Hubail’s extensive experience and dedication to hotel security make him a respected figure in the hospitality industry and as he continues to lead with vigilance and care, his contributions serve as a benchmark for professionals in the field. 

He also expressed his deep appreciation for the Radisson Hotel Group, crediting them for providing the necessary training courses and professional development opportunities that have played a big role in helping him reach his current level of expertise and success. Additionally, he acknowledged the invaluable support he has received from the National Hotels Company throughout his career journey, stating that their backing has been crucial to his growth within the hospitality industry.