Steering the Future

by BTM

Tue, 05 March 2024

Jamal Al Sayed, Mohammed Jalal & Sons General Manager

Fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to take a deep dive into the world of Suzuki in Bahrain. Mohammed Jalal & Sons General Manager, Jamal Al Sayed, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Being a keen observer of the automotive landscape in Bahrain, he shares his valuable insights on everything from consumer preferences to future trends with Edwin D’Souza. 

How is customer behaviour changing in terms of car preferences and buying habits? And how is Mohammed Jalal & Sons adapting to these changes?
The pandemic has significantly impacted consumer buying behaviour, particularly in the passenger car segment. As people continue to hesitate with public transport, buying behaviour has changed significantly. This has led to the growth of automobiles, with new models emerging. Customers now seek fuel-efficient and budget vehicles, aligning with the company’s offerings. We offer hybrid vehicles at reasonable prices, ensuring customers can choose the right vehicle for their needs. 

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities you see for Suzuki in the Bahraini market in the next two to three years?
We plan to open our first Exclusive SUZUKI Service Centre in the GCC region. Our project of opening different showrooms in various parts of the country is also on the table. Soon, you will see multiple changes in the Suzuki Dealership. We are witnessing tremendous hike in the sales of our vehicles compared to past few years which is noticeable on road. Furthermore, we will soon open opportunities for various job positions for Bahrainis. We recently launched the new five-door Jimny and will be launching other new models as well. 

How are you building and strengthening brand loyalty among your customers?
Mohammed Jalal and Sons WLL is one of the oldest distributors in Bahrain. We maintain a great customer relationship by making them feel significant and treating the customers with utmost respect and listening to all their requirements. In addition, we try to solve customer issues professionally and quickly. This helps customers feel valued, listened to, and respected. It’s all about taking a holistic, omnichannel approach to feedback.

What is your long-term vision and subsequential goals for the dealership? How do you see Mohammed Jalal & Sons contributing to the future of the Bahraini automotive industry?
Our goals are to increase revenue and sales, stay profitable, improve the functions of the Suzuki Showroom and Service Centers, and grow our customer base. 

What is your leadership style, and how do you motivate your team to achieve success?
I am a dedicated and supportive leader who values effective communication and teamwork. I always take constructive feedback from my team and promote a healthy work environment. In addition, I make sure to be empathetic and treat the team like family, and I’m always open to help and provide support when needed. I see myself less of a General Manager and more as a family member to the team. 

What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your career as the General Manager of Mohammed Jalal & Sons?
I have been treated like a part of the whole family of Mohammed Jalal since joining the company. I emphasise on the importance of knowledge, patience, and learning to empower individuals and support high-performing teams. I also strive to stay updated on market trends and the importance of consistency in leadership. I have learned from all these past years that being consistent is the key to effective leadership.