The Picture of Health

by BTM

Mon, 25 January 2021

The Picture of Health

Mr. Jacob Thomas, Executive Director – Operations & Projects (GCC), gives us a peek into the transformation of the GCC healthcare sector and tells us how KIMSHEALTH is set to play a major role in it.

Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your experience in the healthcare field in the region?
In 2007, I joined KIMSHEALTH as a full time Director of Operations looking after Projects & Operations and moved to the Kingdom of Bahrain. My entire experience of 23 years is in healthcare operations management and healthcare infrastructure development in addition to acquiring expertise knowledge about the private healthcare sector in the GCC region, the Indian Subcontinent and some Asian and African countries.

What are your thoughts on the healthcare industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain?
Healthcare in Bahrain is essentially provided by the government and the private sectors. With mandatory health insurance set to roll in, there will be an opportunity for the private sector to move in more into catering to tertiary and advanced care requirements. Cancer surgeries, organ transplants, robotic surgeries, advanced neuro and cardiac (invasive & minimally invasive procedures) will be the way forward. We will also see demand rising for post-acute and rehabilitation facilities and home-based care. Outpatient care is undergoing a transformation due to the ongoing pandemic into more convenient modes such as video consultations, point of care testing and digital wearables. Although this will take some time, this is how it will transform. Diagnostics, especially molecular and genomics, will also see lots of advancements and applications in day-to-day care. I am confident that Bahrain is well poised for moving into this direction with its forward thinking and wise leadership.

KIMS GCC has grown to be one of the most trusted healthcare providers in the region. What would you say has led to this ever-growing trust and the success of the group?
Although private healthcare is a business, the patients’ safety and their best interests are our top priority. Our high-quality healthcare is delivered cost effectively and compassionately which ensures that any healthcare business becomes successful.  We have also been fortunate enough to have excellent expertise in the form of our doctors, nurses and other staff members. 

The group has recently launched KIMSHEALTH Hospital. What can you tell our readers about this new and exciting hospital?
The new KIMSHEALTH Hospital, Bahrain is the latest addition to our network of medical institutions, making us the largest private sector healthcare provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain with two hospitals and four medical centers. The KIMSHEALTH Hospital is ultramodern and designed to deliver high quality and uncompromised, affordable healthcare. The Hospital is located conveniently and it has an abundant 5-storey car park facility.

The KIMSHEALTH Hospital is positioned as an affordable care hospital as compared to our Royal Bahrain Hospital which has been positioned as a premium-class hospital. With both the hospitals and our medical centers we will be catering to larger section of the society. 

The outpatient facility at KIMSHEALTH Hospital has been operational since January 1 and by February, the inpatient and surgical facilities are slated to open. Also, our team of specialist doctors from KIMSHEALTH Medical Center have moved to the new hospital and are being well supported by qualified and expert doctors recruited locally and from outside, covering the spectrum of services.

Are there any plans for further expansion in 2021?
Indeed. We have presently commissioned a medical center in Janabiya/Saar under Royal Bahrain Hospital, and are looking at getting it operational in February 2021. In addition, we are looking at adding two more locations in Bahrain under our KIMSHEALTH brand of medical centers. Besides Bahrain, we are expanding in Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.