The Refurbished Retreat

by BTM

Wed, 31 October 2018

The Refurbished Retreat

The revolving glass door at the newly refurbished Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa opens up to a beautiful grand piano and a stylishly decorated lobby area beyond it. The deep blue and beige theme of the expansive space gives the hotel a businesslike yet warm vibe.

“I’m happy to announce that the renovation at our hotel is fully complete, and it is rewarding to see the impression that it has on our guests, starting from the lobby to the guest rooms,” says Kosta. “The interesting colours of the lobby make it a more welcoming space. It gives guests their first ‘wow’ experience at the hotel, and this design and colour concept continues into the rooms as well.”

Kosta explains that the rooms are totally different from before, saying: “The dark colours and heavy timber wood of the past have given way to new, brighter living spaces with enhanced lighting. Guests enjoy the best of technology by way of flat screens that support IPTV and Apple TV. The light and air-conditioning sensors are more environment-friendly.” 

The hotel provides patrons with all five-star amenities. “Ours is a fantastic product, and in the competitive market that we are in at this point in time, it gives great value for money to guests,” says Kosta. 

The hotel’s all-day-dining restaurant, Olivos, has undergone a major facelift, too, making it a chic eatery ready to serve guests with delicious bites any time of the day. A portion of the venue overlooks the classy lobby area, giving it a contemporary look and appeal. Kosta says: “Not only is it a favourite with corporate clientele during the week, but also with families over the weekends, especially on Fridays, for a lavish brunch experience. Our Italian restaurant, Mondo, has also been given a soft refurbishment. Kontiki Terrace restaurant offers a new menu which guests are sure to enjoy.”

The hotel features an outdoor swimming pool and separate spa and gym facilities for men and women. “The Diplomat Spa has 18 treatment rooms, and receives a large number of walk-in guests,” adds Kosta. “Our gyms are open from 6am to 11pm every day and many fitness enthusiasts enjoy a gym membership with us.”

The property is designed to be a business hotel, but is well prepared to host big functions and gatherings for corporates or private parties. “Our large ballroom, which has a separate entrance, has no obstruction of pillars, and is ideal for hosting weddings,” says Kosta. “The modern LED lights can be adapted to match the theme of the event. One of the most valuable benefits that wedding hosts get is the services of a Bahraini wedding planner. She will assist guests with all the planning and execution to make their function one to remember from start to finish – and who better to understand and accommodate traditions and customs other than a Bahraini herself!” 

Staff morale has also seen a boost following the refurbishment of the hotel. “The employees are proud of their workplace and this can be seen in the guest feedback that mentions their excellent customer service,” says Kosta. “The management focuses on developing the careers of our Bahraini staff and grooming them to take on higher positions in the future.”