Bahrain is Set to Participate at the 2024 World Cup of Darts

by BTM

Tue, 11 June 2024

Bahrain is Set to Participate at the 2024 World Cup of Darts

From June 27 to June 30, the Kingdom of Bahrain is set to participate in the 2024 World Cup of Darts, which will take place in Frankfurt, Germany. Representing the kingdom in this prestigious doubles competition organised by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), will be two top local players - Basem Mahmood (The Arabian Arrow) and Duda Durra (The Rebel). 

Mahmood, who is competing in the event for the second consecutive year, and debutant Durra secured their spots by finishing as the top two in Bahrain’s national qualifying tournament. 

The competition will feature 40 nations, with 24 unseeded and 16 seeded. The top four seeds will advance directly to the second round, while the remaining teams will compete in a round-robin format in the first round. The tournament offers a total prize pool of GBP450,000, with the champions earning GBP80,000. 

“I’m so excited!” says Mahmood. “The first time I was there, it was a great experience which I enjoyed thoroughly and I played well. I hope this year I can do more.”

Debutant Durra adds: “It’s a dream come true! The World Cup of Darts is one of the most prestigious events to happen in the game, and I am quite proud and happy about getting to play in it.”

They have since been preparing meticulously for their world cup appearance, and are hoping that their hard work will pay off. “We’ve been playing together and spending a lot of time together over the past weeks,” explained 34-year-old Durrah, who works in aviation. “We have to understand each other, and our daily practices at home help too.” 

“We’ll be playing against champions,” said 48-year-old Mahmood, who is a professional in finance. “They do this for a living. They practice eight hours a day. I don’t practice as much as they do, but my level is quite close to theirs; I can do something and I can shock them.”

Mahmood and Durra have been given a major boost ahead of the competition. The pair have been preparing extensively, playing together and practicing daily to enhance their teamwork and skills. Mahmood and Durra received significant support from their sponsors, Cuesoul, Buffalo Wings and Rings, and the Arabian Bullseye Darts. 

Buffalo Wings and Rings and the Arabian Bullseye Darts have come forward in supporting and sponsoring them. “These organisations have been doing a great job for the darts community in Bahrain for the last two years, which has boosted our confidence,” they say. 

Owner of Buffalo Wings and Rings and organiser of Arabian Bullseye Darts in Bahrain, Ramiz Ammari, spoke highly of the players and the community while praising Mahmood and Durra for their dedication and skill. “It is important to foster local talent and I take pride in supporting Bahrain’s representatives on the world stage,” says Mr. Ammari. 

In the previous year's tournament, Mahmood and his then-partner Abdulnaser Yusuf were eliminated in the group stage. This year, Mahmood and Durra are aiming for a stronger performance against some of the biggest names in the sport, including defending champions Wales, represented by Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton. 

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