David’s Stir Fry Crazy - Sumptuous Go-To Chinese

by BTM

Wed, 29 January 2020

David’s Stir Fry Crazy in Bahrain

Bringing 10 years of culinary delight to diners, David’s Stir Fry Crazy is the first place that comes to mind for a fresh and flavourful Chinese meal.

Starting out with a small outlet in Riffa in 2009, David’s Stir Fry Crazy has truly become as the name suggests! With an illustrious mix of bold flavours, the multi-award-winning restaurant boasts an array of dishes old and new as well as a new eatery, Bambudha.

Co-founded by David and Anne, David says: “We genuinely wanted to serve real comfort food away from home. We built a tradition of relying on our passion for cooking, taking inspiration from the home kitchen. We added a little flair with good old-fashioned creativity. And that tradition carried on to our branch in Adliya, which was established on the day of 12/12/12.”

"Our creation and cooking are inspired by the diaspora of Chinese living in all the corners of the world, adapted and adopted to local produce and the environment. Some dishes reflect the tropical nature and climate of Southeast Asia and the seasonal chill of the Far East. The street food scenes and the flavours have been incorporated. The emphasis is fresh, fresh, fresh."

David has been associated with the food industry ever since he first set foot on the island three decades ago. His career began with Hong Kong restaurant, where he was intricately involved with the production of the dishes.

Anne has been involved with the restaurant scene for about the same time, albeit behind the scenes. Her knack for recognising great dishes and a keen sense of taste, have served to complement David's concoctions. 

Food is prepared daily from scratch and everything is made in-house. “We have built ourselves a reputation of serving impossibly fresh food. Selecting the freshest produce. Cooked with passion, sprinkled with a good dose of love. Don’t ask us but rather the multitude of guests who have tried our food,” says David.

The restaurant has won awards for both Best Service 2015 and Best Chinese 2016-2018 and its signature dishes, including Roast Peking Duck, Scorpion Prawns and Tree Climbing Squirrel Fish, are firm favourites time and again.

Call 17 540-188.

David’s Stir Fry CrazyAfter the success of David’s Stir Fry Crazy, the couple’s latest foodie adventure has been Bambudha. Set up in the heart of Juffair in 2019, the venue offers a completely different concept and menu.

The owner explains: “After the success of David's Stir Fry Crazy, there was this desire to create a whole new dining concept. The street food dotted around Asian cities has been a source of inspiration and has been providing generations with comfort food. We grew up in that kind of vibrant environment. So, my wife and I thought, why not bring that inspired street food into a bistro style environment? That would not be enough, so we tweaked it a bit, added some flair and made it into gourmet fare.”

The bistro focuses on live cooking in addition to churning out rich Asian-inspired meat broths and a variety of delectable stir fries. Signature dishes include the Korean Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap, Black Pepper Beef and Potatoes and Vietnamese Braised Beef Noodle Soup. With so many enticing flavours to choose from, the venue has quickly earned its reputation as the go-to place for a comfort meal.

Call 17 100-188.