Dishing Out Innovation

by BTM

Wed, 05 September 2018

Dishing Out Innovation

Renowned for its contemporary Japanese cuisine, Maki Bahrain is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to inventive modern dishes.
Maki’s newest creation is the Lentil Caviar Salad – an ‘uber healthy’ dish that is both delicious and rich in textures and flavours. The star of this dish is the French green lentil, accentuated by crispy corn, coriander, avocado, basil, cherry tomato, shiso, red radish, dill and baby orange, along with a special sweet and sour dressing. It’s a true representation of Maki’s creativity in pairing ingredients perfectly, thus bringing out the flavour in each element. 
Maki has always led the pack in coming up with the most tasteful amalgamations such as Fusion Temaki, Dr Samer Maki, Mount Fuji Maki and Tartufo Yaki Udon, and its chefs are on a constant drive to research and experiment with the newest utensils and cooking methods. “After all, it is our mission to spare no cost or time in sourcing the best ingredients and the newest trends in cuisine, which will serve to delight our guests’ palates,” says co-founder and managing partner Amer Zeitoun.
Another new dish is the Whole Wheat Yaki Udon, made with house-made noodles, truffles, shiitake mushrooms and dill. The Akami (tuna) Oliva Maki comprises tuna, crabsticks, black truffle pearls, avocado, baby orange, cress, olive oil mixture and caviaroli olive oil spheres, all of which are rolled in Maki’s exclusive, house-made olive wrap. Last but not least, expect smoke when you order the Cloud9 Shake (salmon) Sashimi – a sight to behold and a taste to savour.
Maki has added more than 20 new areas in Bahrain on its delivery grid – music to the ears for many Maki fans.

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