Relish Fresh Tastes

by BTM

Sat, 03 February 2018

Relish Fresh Tastes

A new menu at Signature Grill, Capital Club Bahrain, combines local ingredients and international flavours that tantalise the taste buds.

Adding jarjir and fennel to the main ingredients – goat cheese, kale, eggplants and fish, all sourced locally – head chef Miklos Hübler has brought a Bahraini touch to each of his dishes, which are wholesome, healthy, and carry a unique flavour.

Using fresh produce from Peninsula Farms, and the expertise of chef Miklos, the Signature Grill has launched a new and eclectic menu that caters to the different tastes that make up the gastronomy in Bahrain. The menu is designed so that dishes can be shared, featuring soups, starters, mains (vegetarian, seafood and meat) and desserts, incorporating the freshest of ingredients to produce a wholesome menu that satisfies various palates. 
“I visited a farm located in a small village in Karana, where I met a third-generation family of farmers producing exquisite and fresh vegetables,” says chef Miklos.

As well as using the homegrown ingredients in the dishes adds local flavours to the food, Capital Club is also keen on working with Bahraini farms towards the same end goal of promoting the use of local produce and supporting local businesses.


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